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Award Winner 2020!

We have been awarded the Innovation and Excellence Awards 2020 for most innovative food packaging product by Corporate LiveWire!

Unique and New pizza box

The Cartonney Box is an unique and new design of the traditional pizza box.

The Concept

The Cartonney box makes it easy for the consumer to dispose of the turntable as residual waste and to dispose of the remaining (major) part of the box as old paper.


Rotate/plate turntable

Due to a smaller extra hatch in the back of the lid, the turntable is accessible to take out a piece of pizza. Because the lid is mostly closed, the pizza stays warm longer.


Pizza stays hot longer

Pizza stays warm longer by the hatch and the turntable….


Easy to dispose as residual waste

The Cartonney box makes it easy for consumers...


12 to 15 million m2 recycle cardboard

In the Netherlands alone we can with this…

About us

The "Cartonney Box" contains a unique adaptation to the traditional pizza box. (Which has remained unchanged for more than 60 years).

The realization of this project is the result of a unique collaboration and mission of the partners involved, which is characterized by compassion, integrity, friendship, mutual trust, and pure enthusiasm to bring “Comfort and Joy ” to the people. Literally warmth and also a contribution to the environment. The “Packaging” expertise, drive and unwavering enthusiasm is embodied by:
Maarten Halma www.halmasolutions.com

The initiation and supervision of the project with so much inspiration and incentive comes from:
Pascal Arts and Armand Lipperts https://www.startupdesk.amsterdam/

And then the inventor who produced the fruit of his promptings, using aforementioned partners, may share with the world: Ton Kooiman www.tonkooiman.com

In the news

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Most innovative food packaging product. Innovation & Excellence Award 2020!


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NL Packaging Awards 2019 Category Sustainability.

The new Cartonney Pizza Box has been tested by consumers.

And specialists from the cardboard manufacturing industry have hitherto been unanimous in their enthusiasm for the design and also for the environmental aspects of this product.

ManagementMedia B.V.

Pizza box that can be used with the old paper

Children and drunken people speak the truth

During a design competition organized by our team, among 30 children of groups 7 and 8 for the outside of the box, it turned out to be an overwhelming enthusiasm for this new concept. The little inventors knew it all and are going for it…. Soon in the bookstore: Cartonney is the inventor. A children's book in which this new box and the origins of the project are described.